What Does Your eCig Flavor Say About Your Personality?

This entry was posted on September 30, 2014 by Geoff Habicht.

ecig fruit flavorsWhat is your favorite eCig flavor and what do you think it says about your personality? Psychologists have performed numerous studies trying to determine what flavors make up the different human personality traits. Want to know what your favorite flavor says about you?

Who knows if there really is any truth to this or not. But what the heck, it's fun to talk about! Look through the flavors below and see what your favorites say about you.


The coffee flavor is loved worldwide. If you are one of those who love all types of coffee, then you might be interested to know that it indicates you are scrupulous, conscientious and somewhat of a perfectionist.


If you love everything chocolate, you are probably dramatic, energetic, flirty, subtly seductive and you might even be a bit gullible. But that's ok because everyone loves your fun personality.

Green Apple

Apples are a favorite for many people, and if you are one of those apple lovers, your personality may be seen as reliable, hard-working, a bit impulsive and perhaps even extravagant. But watch out, you may also have a bit of a temper from time to time. However, you are organized and a great leader as well.


Who doesn't love watermelon. Watermelon brings up fond memories of holidays, family gatherings, summer fun and great times. If you love the watermelon flavor, you are genuinely cheerful and have a naturally positive attitude.


All you blueberry lovers are mellow and a bit laid back. You never see the need to make a spectacle of yourself or feel like you have to be the center of attention. You exude confidence and love a meaningful conversation with close friends and family.


Ahh, how about those nice refreshing grape flavors? If you love the taste of grape, you are known to be polite and are popular because of your enduring nature. However, watch out, sometimes your temper may flare just a bit. But don't worry, you can calm down just as quickly. You love life and everything it has to offer and can't wait to enjoy each and every day.


Vanilla is a flavor most people enjoy, if it's not their favorite. But if vanilla is your absolute favorite flavor, it says you are probably impulsive and a bit of an idealist. And you may also find you are somewhat gullible. But don't worry, your energy and your personality will carry you through.

Minty Menthols

Oh, that minty coolness that feels like a nice summer breeze flowing across your tongue. Minty menthol lovers are sophisticated, confident, energetic and outgoing. You are able to stay calm when you are under a lot of pressure and therefore are popular among your friends.

Pina Colada

If you love the Pina Colada flavor, you love everything tropical and you like to feel that all seasons are summertime seasons. However, you are a serious and ambitious person. You are very thoughtful and you love to socialize. You tend to be a bit stubborn at times and you always remain alert, especially at work.

Banana Cream

All you banana cream lovers are softie's. You are gentle, warm, loving and naturally sympathetic. However, you sometimes lack self-confidence but you make up for that with your extremely loving personality.


Strawberries are like a burst of fruitiness in your mouth. As a strawberry lover, you are somewhat of an introvert. But you are devoted and very tolerant of others and this makes you very popular within your circle of friends.